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OOC Information

Player: Box
Contact Information: [ profile] likeabox


Canonpoint: Pre-Canon
Age: 17
Wish: "the power to kill fucking all of them"
Result: Ideally, she'd want to gain the power here and go back to her old world and put Hook, the Shade that killed her Grandma, right in the ground, but since that's not gonna be happening any time soon, if she can stop even one person from getting eaten by a Nightmare (or whatever the hell they're called), then that'll just have to do. And if she kills enough of them, that's gotta be just as good. She wants to pour out all her hatred and put it into how she fights. Since she's also literally dying at the time, the wish will fix that problem, too.
Weapon: Dagger
Outfit: Undecided right now (and probably looks really similar to her current outfit ie: ladies lingerie), but her soulgem's white and replacing the Lunar Tear/flower in her hair.


» PASSIVE - SPEED - A dramatic increase in speed to allow her to strike, say, a crowd of people really, really quickly, and rush back out. There's still limitations, of course (people get tired), but as she gains experience, she can keep up the speed longer and longer.

» ACTIVE - COMBOs- strikes a target multiple times and stack the damage, like a fighting game combo. Initially, these won't be very many hits in a row (say 2-3). There's no special elemental effects or abilities attached to the strikes, they're just pure stabbing/slashing power. The problem is that putting all her power into these strikes will leave her staggered for a few moments after, so she's either gotta kill what she's up against in those strikes or she's in trouble.


Are you okay with fourth-walling? Backtagging? Shipping? Violence? Specify here.
All of these things are fine with me! Just ask before fourth-walling!

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Mar. 24th, 2017 10:02 am
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The fuck do you want?

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Player name: Box
Contact info: [ profile] likeabox,
Other characters currently played: None!

Character name: Kainé
Age: 17
Canon: NieR
Canonpoint: Pre-Canon

Background: set phasers for sadness

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If you've got any comments, criticisms, concerns, or anything else you'd like to say about how I'm playing Kainé, just leave 'em here! Comments are screened upon request, and anon is enabled.


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